Monday, November 15, 2010

Results to be noted

This past weekend the group went up to Comox for a fall get-away/ training camp. We did some great work around the trails in cumberland on our x-bikes and worked hard in the pool with a 200 TT ( at the end of a workout that had like a million main sets). I have been horrible at this blogging thing but I have wanted to mention a couple of results that I thought were pretty impressive:

1) My dad did his first ever marathon at the beginning of October. He placed 35th in his age group and had an overall time of 3:34.46....which to his surprise qualified him for the Boston marathon in the spring!! Without, I would say little training (he decided to do it about 3 weeks before the race) it is truly amazing and I was a very proud daughter!!

2) Connor and Brookie competed in High School X-Country Provincials about 2 weeks ago. Connor really made Claremont look good and is a high hope for the next two years! Brookie pushed through the end and I was very proud!! A little shout out to Mr. Nelly who is a great teacher and coach!! I just wanted to say that I was very impressed with the size of team he had this year and with his determination and support things will just get bigger and better...and faster!!

Now....not really results but exciting new things:

-Marc got a job!
-The walk-run group is becoming exclusively a run-only group!
-There is less than a month left of school
-I managed to do all of the cross rides at the camp with only falling once (on each side)
-I have found a new power bar that I am totally crazy about making and eating
-It is officially tea and scarf season!
-Training is going great and I cannot wait for the christmas camp

Monday, November 8, 2010

Just letting everyone who has been bugging me about updating that I just spent over an hour trying to do a new post and somehow my laptop has switched the setting back to the ancient version...and I have some good news and results but want to post it when I can make them look all pretty and exciting!!!

-hopefully I'll be able to figure this out soon!

Ali <3