Sunday, February 27, 2011

another update fail

Again its been awhile since the last are better than words in my opinion

Setting up for a good block of training that has involved a couple new things such as doing some swims with the Island swim team and battling the snow!

Spent the past weekend on a girls getaway with my mom and sister in was a perfect 4 days of sun and R&R

Had a great Valentine's Day with Matt...more like a Valentines weekend. He spoiled me.

Celebrated my 19th Birthday!

This is my first legal was called a pink squirrel (its wasn't that good, but AP bought me a bellini later that made up for it)

Got my first shipment of Saucony gear...this seasons colour is bright orange! Love the company and the support!

All my clothes came with this little safety lights on them for night charge them in your USB port...pretty high-tech!

I thought I would share this lovely pic that my mom took on her phone. This is Esquimalt Lagoon...I used to drive along the water every morning before workout