Saturday, April 17, 2010

Race Report: Monterrey, Mexico

First race of the 2010 season.

I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the run. I wasn’t sure how racing at 5pm would work. I wasn’t sure if I could handle the heat. I went into this race nervous even though it was just supposed to be a set up race for PATCO because I honestly had no idea where I was at in terms of fitness.

The Swim
Was on the far right on the pontoon beside the American that ended up coming second. Had a rough first 200m which was to be expected. Crawled my way slowly to the front of the pack (minus Hilary at the very front). Finally it was Christine and I leading. I managed to get the inside line for the exit and was in and out of T1 2nd overall.

The Bike
I guess I had a pretty quick transition because it took the lead pack about half a lap to catch me when I wasn’t working extremely hard. I took in some water and did up my shoes and finally we were a group of about 15 girls. Christine attacked and I got on her, but the group caught up. I pulled about75% of the first lap and then when Christine attacked again and I got on her barely; she lead into the 180 and then was gone. The group worked together fairly well even with certain people that did no pulling whatsoever! Sat in on lap 3 where we picked up Hilary. Domi (Ontario) was pulling really strong and for the 4th lap. I, Domi and Hilary stayed at the front with another Mexican. Going into the final corner before T2 I lead and managed to get my feet out quickly and went into T2 with about a 3 second lead on the whole pack.

The Run
First out of T2 (minus Christine who was about 30+seconds ahead in her breakaway) but two girls caught and passed me instantly. I could see their turnover that I simply do not have on the run yet. So I was running and planned to build into it. About half way through the first lap a Mexican passed me and I just stayed with her. No going to lie more than once in this run I thought “I am going to throw up”, “am I going to be able to finish strong and bring it back” and “holly it’s freakin hot out”. Going on to the second and last lap I picked up pace a little unsure if I could even hold it and dropped the girl I was running with. Grabbing water bottles whenever I could and focusing on the little rhythm I had, I managed to hold my position until the end. Patrick said to me about 300m away from the finish “pick up the turnover, drive with the legs” and normally I can actually do that for the finish, this race not so much.

I am extremely happy with this race! Not only with the end result but everything in between. I set my transitions up great, worked the bike when I needed to and really got the most out of it possible. A little confidence boost, a little mindset change, a perfect set up for PATCO and a great/ fun way to start off the season.
It really is amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it.

The Canadian Juniors were really impressive with Christine Ridenour taking the bronze medal for the ladies and Brook Powell securing the Canadian men a spot for the Youth Olympics! Congrats to everyone. I know we all worked are butts off out there!

Swim start

Swim exit

Now looking forward to the team relays tomorrow! Canada will do very well based on the results yesterday! I predict great teamwork and success! Also, World Cup race tomorrow for the Elites which will be an amazing experience to watch! GO CANADA!
-wear a helmet

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh Travelling

So travelling to Monterrey Mexico for the YOG qualifying race is fairly good with a few minor bumps. Took the ferry over to Vancouver last night and got in a great meal and a decent sleep. Up at 5:30am and off to Vancouver International. Even with the 100% search in customs (brook and I got to go through the crazy machine that x-rays you!) we had time for coffee (important*!) and brekky before our first flight that was 4 hours. I was falling in and out of sleep for almost half the flight and between eating and reading for the other half time seemed to “fly” by. In Dallas we had about 2 hours which was just enough time to stretch our legs, get another coffee and more food. The clerk of one the of tourist stores we were wondering in was so chatty and asked why we were going to Mexico. I said “for a triathlon race” he replied “oh my friend is doing Boston this year”. I haven’t been in this sport that long and I can count more than a few times when I have said “triathlon” and whoever I am talking to thinks “marathon”. He he...anyways then off on flight #2 (last one) that was only supposed to be 1.5hrs. Before I know it we start to make our descent, I see the runway and then all of a sudden it’s like we are taking off again and before I know it we’re in the clouds. About 10min later I think “oh there’s the runway again”....we are slowing down and the wheels are out to land and again the plane picks up speed and heads back up to nothingness. Now I started thinking that things were a little weird. Soon enough, about 20min after we were originally supposed to land the captain comes on the loud speaker saying “it was raining too hard to land we couldn’t see properly for it to be safe”. So we go to a close town somewhere in Texas and are waiting until the weather improves in Monterrey in hopes of making a safe landing there sometime tonight. Two things I am thinking: #1- I hope we eventually get to our destination, preferably tonight and #2- I wonder if it will be raining that hard this whole week, including race day?

This part of my blog post is coming to you from the tarmac somewhere in Texas.

Day#1 in Monterrey

Woke up and went grocery shopping, which is always interesting in Mexico. Then we went for a run in the park near our hotel. Although there is no sun to be seen the humidity makes you sweat pretty quickly. Soon after we had lunch a headed to a pool near our hotel. When I say pool I mean water that you can’t see through in a large basin. It was actually really good open water practise because there were no lane ropes! After that we had a team dinner at Chili’s and early bed!!

Day#2 in Monterrey

Did a morning ride on the course after brekky. It was pouring rain so that, plus race wheels , plus sharp corners isn’t a good combo but everyone managed to stay up! I found it funny that riding being soaking wet and dirty is much more enjoyable when you’re warm. Haha just taking a quick break and off the the “pool” for a swim, most likely in the rain. That’s it for now
-wear a helmet