Friday, December 31, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Its beginning to [feel] a lot like Christmas...

About two weeks ago it was beginning to "look" a lot like Christmas with the random snow fall that Victoria experienced...however now everything is perma-soaked with the ongoing rainfall and things have actually stated to warm up (which is a positive for training hehe). See in Victoria we get the luxury of training outside basically all year round...however that means many many many wet muddy rides and I actually was running through massive puddles all over elk lake yesterday with the girls. Training has been going excellent, I actually had the "most enjoyable cross ride of the year" on Saturday.... enjoyable but still wouldn't describe as fun. The girls and the boys split up and Patrick took the girls down some trails where "we" could actually stay on our bikes and get some speed..(when I say "we" I actually mean "me" because hmmm how do you say it? I am the one lacking the most skill and bravery when tackling single-track trails with my couple sizes too big cross bike) Some of the girls are amazing at cross riding and well I'm working on it and I promised Patrick I wouldn't complain too too much:) P.S it was a good ride and I still came home with a huge bruise on my left shin and a cut on my ankle.

Christmas...I am starting to get in the spirit
-decorated Matts tree last night...while listening to the new Glee Christmas album
-had an eggnog latte
-finished exams so I am truly on holiday
-going over to a friends today to make sugar cookies!

ta ta

Monday, November 15, 2010

Results to be noted

This past weekend the group went up to Comox for a fall get-away/ training camp. We did some great work around the trails in cumberland on our x-bikes and worked hard in the pool with a 200 TT ( at the end of a workout that had like a million main sets). I have been horrible at this blogging thing but I have wanted to mention a couple of results that I thought were pretty impressive:

1) My dad did his first ever marathon at the beginning of October. He placed 35th in his age group and had an overall time of 3:34.46....which to his surprise qualified him for the Boston marathon in the spring!! Without, I would say little training (he decided to do it about 3 weeks before the race) it is truly amazing and I was a very proud daughter!!

2) Connor and Brookie competed in High School X-Country Provincials about 2 weeks ago. Connor really made Claremont look good and is a high hope for the next two years! Brookie pushed through the end and I was very proud!! A little shout out to Mr. Nelly who is a great teacher and coach!! I just wanted to say that I was very impressed with the size of team he had this year and with his determination and support things will just get bigger and better...and faster!!

Now....not really results but exciting new things:

-Marc got a job!
-The walk-run group is becoming exclusively a run-only group!
-There is less than a month left of school
-I managed to do all of the cross rides at the camp with only falling once (on each side)
-I have found a new power bar that I am totally crazy about making and eating
-It is officially tea and scarf season!
-Training is going great and I cannot wait for the christmas camp

Monday, November 8, 2010

Just letting everyone who has been bugging me about updating that I just spent over an hour trying to do a new post and somehow my laptop has switched the setting back to the ancient version...and I have some good news and results but want to post it when I can make them look all pretty and exciting!!!

-hopefully I'll be able to figure this out soon!

Ali <3

Sunday, October 10, 2010


How I've been spending my time:

I save a few minutes for this guy

A couple hours everyday here

I do this in my free/super bored time (power bars that look like cookies)

I spent one of my precious weekends in Seattle...
doing nothing but shopping and
having coffees

And I would be lying if I said I didn't spend a significant time with my books.

And okay a little more time with him :)


Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Superstar

Does this mean I have speed goggles????

Warning: Sharpe's turn ahead

In many ways, they are Simon’s Children. They were not even in their teens but were still inspired when Simon Whitfield of Victoria scored his breakthrough gold medal in triathlon at the 2000 Sydney Summer Games. Now, this generation is starting to make their presence felt in a sport that combines swimming, cycling and running.

Among the group is Victorian Matt Sharpe, who was ninth in the junior men’s division at the 2010 world championships in Budapest.

The contingent also includes the likes of Christine Ridenour of Cowichan Bay and Brook Powell of Victoria, who represented Canada at the 2010 Youth Olympics in Singapore, and Alison Hooper. They are assuring the Island triathlon scene won’t suffer post-Simon letdown when the 35-year-old Whitfield likely calls it a career following the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

“Christine, Brook and I started out and came up together in the Kids of Steel program and we’ve known each other a long time,” said Sharpe, 19.

“We’re tight friends, even away from racing.”

All harbour Olympian dreams. Some will make it, others might not. They know that’s sport. But however their individual careers turn out, they also know they can depend on each other. “It’s competitive to a point because we all share the same goals of winning, and that’s not a bad thing,” said Sharpe.

“But it’s not too crazy. There’s never much politics or crap going on. It’s a great group.”

And they’ve had the best of role models at the Victoria-based national training centre to show them how it’s done — Olympians such as Whitfield and Brent McMahon as well as Kirsten Sweetland, Paula Findlay and Kyle Jones.

“For sure, training right beside and with the senior national teamers on a daily basis influenced us,”

said Sharpe.

“You get inspired by them. They are the racers we look up to. I get to train with Simon a couple of times a week. He is such a good role model. He gives support, advice and time to any young triathlete who asks him for it.”

While thriving in the company of others in the vibrant Victoria training scene, Sharpe is also introspective about racing.

“I’m not a music, ear-pod guy before training or races,” he said.

“I like to be with my thoughts most of the time as I ready to race or train. Different things work for different people.”

Most triathletes have one of three entry points into the sport. For Sharpe, it was swimming, although he also took part in track and field in high school. Born in Campbell River, he moved down Island and attended Claremont Secondary in Grades 11-12 and graduated in 2009. “Even though I was very young, swimming was getting tough and I was not improving. A family friend suggested I try triathlon at about age 10 and I found it more fun.”

To the point where it became and remains a consuming passion.

“You tend to shut people out a bit during the race season and it’s great this time of year to reconnect,” he said.

“This sport has a way of becoming everything to you. But I love it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Sharpe attends UVic part-time, taking two or three courses a semester. Your body is only in its prime once, he noted. Right now, triathlon comes first.

“I’m still figuring out what I want to major in at UVic. I don’t have a defined non-sports career path at the moment, but I’ve got lots of time. I don’t want school to be stressing at this point. The goal right now is to experience as many top-level races as I can, domestically and in Europe.”

Two-time Olympic medallist Whitfield has shown where such single-minded dedication can lead.

“Yeah, I think about the Olympics,” said Sharpe.

“But that’s so far ahead. Yet it’s always there in the back of your mind motivating you. But overall, I like to keep my mind on the present.”

And that’s going well. At the 2010 world championships, Sharpe became the first Canadian male junior racer in history to crack the top-10. “I pushed the pace but then I made some tactical errors on the bike,” said Sharpe, of his world championships race in Budapest.

“But it was a good result. It was the best Canadian finish ever for junior men’s. It was nice to get that. I’m enjoying that result now that the season is over. But I’m looking for bigger and better things.”

Those things just might come to pass for Sharpe and company as the Island’s triathlon Gen Next begins to state its case.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Primal Meal- Brekky

Almond flour bread, hard boiled eggs and cooked prosciutto:) I constructed an open-faced sandwich which was yum!

I think I can eat like this for awhile!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Well to be honest, I don't really know what to say or where to start...

It seems that now more than ever would be a good time for reviewing this past season because it has come to an end. I could review all my races and define the pros and cons of each one and which one I was most happy with or which one I was least happy with. I could review all the injures (some big, some small) that I have had to deal with. I WILL review most of the reasons of how I got these injures and what I am going to do to prevent them in the future. I could review my training. I could talk about the different stresses and changes I made in my life this year. But instead all I think I should say is that unfortunately I just don't think it was MY year. I don't regret anything (including racing at worlds and having to pull out)- I have learned so much about my body and things you need to do on top of training and recovering to become a high performance athlete. I did get healthy and fit and worked really hard to do so. Its good I had one of "these years" now because everyone is bound to have one sooner or later and I think sooner is better in this case.

There really are no words to describe how amazing the support staff and coaches were in Hungary- I would not have been able to get through as much of the race as I did without them. And the care and support I felt after the race was truly unbelievable for the whole team.

On to bigger and better things:
-getting all caught up at UVic and survived my first two days
-giving my body a nice rest
-enjoying the canadian lifestyle (Hungary is pretty different)
-catching up with friends
-being HAPPY

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Famous Group

Yesterday at the lake 75% of the 2010 Junior Worlds Team (Matt, Cole, Christine and myself)+Kirsten were interviewed. They covered a little of our open water swim at Thetis and thank god cut out the part where I bailed on the beach!
...check it out. (click the Triathlete video on the bottom)

Friday, August 20, 2010


Probably the most beautiful city I have seen in my life so far...

We arrived yesterday afternoon and after the race meeting I went on a run. I finished down along the water where the race start is and at the very end point of the path you look out to a huge lake with a grass covered hill with cute Swiss houses on one side and great big, snow-covered mountains on the other- it literally took my breath away!

Anyways today (friday) got in some nice pre-race training with my new training partners?!

-Went over the bike course while riding behind Kate Roberts and Brad Kahlefeldt
-"Swam" the course basically beside Emma Moffat
-Did strides in the park at the same time as Baby Brownlee (I was there first FYI)
haha I am actually not kidding about that! But seriously this experience going to a be a great one. The situation is going to give me a perspective of what the elite level race is really like but I also get to do the distance that I train and know...what could be better?

The swim course is pretty basic with one big loop (750m but it feels longer) and just two bouys. Yesterday at the race meeting they said it was no wetsuit but I wore mine today and it still seems cold so it will be up in the air until tomorrow morning. The bike course is four loops of 5 km with about an 800m climb at about 11% (thats something that is going to be new for me- an actual hill!). And the run course is 2 loops of 2.5 km.

It seems like I haven't raced in forever and I am just ready to get out on my 53rd starting spot and just "giv'er"

I know back in Canada it will be early early in the morning (3:15am) when I start and 1:15am when the boys start but you can watch live or replay on will try and get some camera time;). However none of the Canadian Juniors should be getting up that early because its race day for them too= Nationals in Kelwona. Good luck everyone, I will be cheering from Lausanne.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So I left Victoria on Friday the 13th ( no nothing bad really happened luckily) and made the 18 hour trip (+layovers) to Geneva where Craig was waiting to pick me up... the train to Aix les Bains wasn't for about 2 hours so we walked around, checked out the race venue for the boys and had lunch at a very cute cafe. All I have to say about the jet lag is that coffee is mandatory! I think the day I arrived I probably have 4 cups. Taking a training into France was amazing- everything is so green and it runs along the side of a mountain with water on the opposite side.

Things have been going really well. The hotel we are staying at is run by a couple who are just amazing and go out of their way to make sure we are happy. The food as you've read on all the boys blogs and facebook updates is amazing! The training facilities are pretty good with an outdoor 50m pool and great riding- have yet to find the perfect running area.

In between training I have mostly been resting and trying not to fall asleep in order to adjust to the time change which equals me lying on my bed focusing on trying keeping my eyes open. Today has been the best day by far in terms of adjustment...I actually had enough energy to venture into the main street by bus and do a little shopping. I could spend days and days in the clothes stores here they're so different from Canada.

I have never been to Europe before and always had certain images in mind- the only thing I was really accurate about is the buildings that are old and so beautiful. A couple of times since I've been here I stop and think "woah I really am running along a lake in France" or when Yorke and I did a short ride yesterday we climbed to the top of the mountain and could look over the whole lake and all the little towns, I thought "this is so amazing". While the experience has been incredible I have to remember the main reason I travelled all this way- to race. We are sadly leaving Aix tomorrow to head to Lausanne which Im sure will be beautiful. The pre-race meeting is tomorrow night and its go time Saturday with Sprint Worlds and then the Team Relay on Sunday. My individual race on Saturday has a somewhat "stacked" start list which will be a great eye-opener and a major challenge that Im up for. The relay team is going to be AMac, Moi, Lauren and Jeff on the Sunday. Lauren is driving down to race and support Canada by being our 4th teammate, which will be great and I am really looking forward to seeing her and catching up.

Well thats all for now- my laptop decided to stop working on me yesterday right when I was uploading pictures which is the reason I haven't blogged lately or added photos. Thanks to JP for lending me his laptop :)

I miss the group in Vic and hope everyone safe travels to Kelowna tomorrow!!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quick Update

So the flights have been booked and I’m heading to Geneva this Friday the 13th (coincidence?). It will take me 18 hours total from Victoria to Geneva via Toronto and Montreal. I have managed to bounce back perfectly from the flu bug that I had and have got a few sessions of good training in. I am super excited for this trip even though it is 1/3 the length it was supposed to be. When I arrive Craig is so kindly picking me up and we will head to a hotel for the night because the boys race the continental cup the next is great that I will be able to watch them race. Then off to Aix Les Bains which quoted from Andrew Yorke on facebook is “where heaven and earth collide”...which sounds promising. Staying there for a couple of days and then to Lausanne where I will race sprint worlds and then the team relay. I will keep my blog updated as much as possible and with pictures hopefully!! I am little sad that I will be missing nationals this year in Kelowna and not being able to attempt defending my title but there is give and take in this sport and I wish everyone luck! Also a special good luck to Christine and Brook who are in Singapore for YOG!

- Next post will be from Europe!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Not exactly the Europe trip I had planned or packed for but...

So I was supposed to leave Victoria on an 11 am flight today to Tiszaujvaros, Hungary where this weekend I was going to kick off a 3-week "racing camp". The plan was to do a sprint in Hungary (it was weird- 2.5km run, 10km bike, 750m swim, 10km bike and 2.5km run... 4 transitions!) Then head to our base in Aix Les Bains, France where we would recover and get some training done in between races. There is a race Aug 15th in Geneva, Switzerland that I wasn't planning on doing but the boys (AMac, JP and Andrew Yorke) will race the continental cup. Then back to France for a little bit before heading off to Lausanne, Switzerland for Sprint Worlds and the Team Relay. Anyways about 3 days ago I came down with typical flu symptoms- the fever, hot/cold flashes and totally no energy or appetite. Together; Dr. Keller, Patrick and myself decided it would be best to stay home for the time being... I will hopefully make a great recovery and join the crew before Lausanne and compete there. I was in a way extremely disappointed but at the same time I would not want to be half way across the world, sick with no doctor and not being able to race. In the big picture this is not a big deal...I went on a short walk today because there was no chance of attempting to run and I was thinking "ya I am sick and didn't get to go to Europe today but at the same time, hands down the best training partner I have ever had can't even lift her right arm over her head and is done for the season". Now that puts things in perspective! I will still be able to train and race in the near near future.

I wish the best luck to Craig, Greg and the boys in Hungary! I am sure you'll make Canada proud and hopefully I will be joining you guys shortly.

*Most importantly
Kyla Coates- You are an amazing athlete, had a bit of bad luck but will come out of this stronger than you already are and I am so proud for the way you are handling everything. This is a small bump in the road to your success, everyone knows your a star. love you<3.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

This is the date Matt took me on two nights ago...

Three piggys Susie, Sally and Sarah. Susie is due in about a week with approx. 12 piglets

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Past Month...

Coteau du lac


Canada Day

Sask Race (no pics)

Was fun, the best my run has felt off the bike all year! also went and saw toy story 3 and got eaten alive by bugs!

The day after sask I got 4.5 inches cut off my hair and got some caramel highlights!! unfortunately it was too damaged from the pool swimming to donate...lovin it!!

This past weekend- Vancouver

Monday, June 14, 2010

OH Damn!!

2 Things:

*Paula Findlay= amazing! So excited for you! You totally deserve it!
*Kyla Coates= amazing! I am so proud of you and you are setting yourself up for a great season!

<3 you both!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Clouds Clouds Clouds Clouds...

Okay so I am getting a little sick of these dark/grey clouds:( -I have had enough and am ready for summer! Heading into my last week of high school it would be nice to feel a little warmth, too bad I’m not in the Des Moines heat cheering on a great group of athletes! But I am super pumped to watch from home on Sunday.

Anyways went to the store today to make a big breakfast and forgot to buy the main ingredient so settled for eggs but will share the recipe with you!

Oatmeal Pancakes:
-6 egg whites
-1 cup cottage cheese (forgot to buy at the store)
-1 cup oats
-1 tsp cinnamon
-1 tsp brown sugar
-1 tsp vanilla
* Blend everything together and use some sort of oil in the pain because they stick
* I like to add either craysons or chocolate chips

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catch Up Time

Well it’s been way way way too long since I’ve updated this...oops
Anyways here is a point form version of my life in the last umm almost month! (In order of past to present)

-watched the Sooke Tri with my dad and Barb competing in their first ever triathlon...Barb had a faster T1 than some of the girls I raced at worlds (seriously!)...and I was a really proud daughter when I saw how my dad’s swimming improved with just a couple of weeks with a masters group. It just a little crazy to think that time last year was my first triathlon

-One Tuesday bike workout we started off with drills. This time the drill was taking off your front tire, putting it back on, riding a small loop then taking off your back tire, putting it back on and riding another small loop. It was a race and I was on a team with Jeff who had gotten us a nice lead...anyways long story short I let the competitiveness get the best of me and didn’t really tighten my back tire as much as I should have =equalling me to a crash on a hill when I attempted to get out of the saddle

-First road rash ever, which I don’t even call road rash now having seen the PATCO boys battle wounds (that will be explained in the following points)

-had a great week leading into our departure for Ixtapa, Mexico for PATCO

-Ixtapa...never really swam in big ocean waves and was a little sketch about them...but worked hard and learned the techniques

-Race Day...couldn’t have felt better...race got changed to a Duathlon because the waves were “too big”. So it went 2km run, 20km bike, 5km run...Here is the race report:

2km run- was positioned right at the front on the start line. In the first couple of meters I let a couple of “sprinters” go by but stayed with close contact to the front...on the downhill I think I was a little worried about losing the group so I really worked it and actually moved a little closer to the front and that where the front pack was made. It was a pretty fast pace but all I was focusing on was staying with the lead girls. Sprinted a little into the shoot going into transition to get in there top 5 and had a very good T1. Running with my bike for so long I think it was made my mount not the best but I still was in the middle of the pack of 8. For the first 3km I just hung on the back, got my shoes in and waited for people to get organized. The hills made the bike way harder but I tried to stay sitting the whole time. I felt like I was pulling hard and the Canadians were working pretty well together. I made sure I was 2nd going into the 180 corner and then really had to work hard on the way hill I was breathing so hard I almost got dropped. T2 I put myself in second position and held it going to the dismount line, I just happened to run way past my basket and had to pick up my bike and run back with it. I probably lost about 20 seconds and was last out of T2 from the front pack. Going onto the run I was very cautious and looking back that is that only thing I would have done differently. Maybe gone a little faster and got into a nice rhythm earlier. I was just afraid of the heat and bonking. The first lap (2.5) was really hard. The second lap I wanted to pick it up like I normally do but I don’t think I actually did even though I tried. Last 500m was survival and hardly a sprint. 7th for where my running is in a duathlon...I can’t really complain.

-Arrived home in rainy Victoria and spent the day moving my bed and stuff into the new place (matt did most of the work)-pictures eventually

-got a little stomach bug from Mexico but got in a good couple of training sessions

-now back to “school” and starting a different lifestyle (so far so good)

A few pictures of Ixtapa courtesy from Nancy Drad’s picasa web album:


Junior Womens Start

End of the first 2km

Congrats I.Don! (pain face)

My finish

Sunday, May 2, 2010


All I can say is I hope I grow up to be like them...and it's never too late to be adventurous

My grandparents, who are in their 80’s rode an elephant in Thailand this past month. Truly amazing. Just goes to show that you should never close any doors or make age a barrier.

-Very impressive!

Wear a helmet

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Race Report: Monterrey, Mexico

First race of the 2010 season.

I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the run. I wasn’t sure how racing at 5pm would work. I wasn’t sure if I could handle the heat. I went into this race nervous even though it was just supposed to be a set up race for PATCO because I honestly had no idea where I was at in terms of fitness.

The Swim
Was on the far right on the pontoon beside the American that ended up coming second. Had a rough first 200m which was to be expected. Crawled my way slowly to the front of the pack (minus Hilary at the very front). Finally it was Christine and I leading. I managed to get the inside line for the exit and was in and out of T1 2nd overall.

The Bike
I guess I had a pretty quick transition because it took the lead pack about half a lap to catch me when I wasn’t working extremely hard. I took in some water and did up my shoes and finally we were a group of about 15 girls. Christine attacked and I got on her, but the group caught up. I pulled about75% of the first lap and then when Christine attacked again and I got on her barely; she lead into the 180 and then was gone. The group worked together fairly well even with certain people that did no pulling whatsoever! Sat in on lap 3 where we picked up Hilary. Domi (Ontario) was pulling really strong and for the 4th lap. I, Domi and Hilary stayed at the front with another Mexican. Going into the final corner before T2 I lead and managed to get my feet out quickly and went into T2 with about a 3 second lead on the whole pack.

The Run
First out of T2 (minus Christine who was about 30+seconds ahead in her breakaway) but two girls caught and passed me instantly. I could see their turnover that I simply do not have on the run yet. So I was running and planned to build into it. About half way through the first lap a Mexican passed me and I just stayed with her. No going to lie more than once in this run I thought “I am going to throw up”, “am I going to be able to finish strong and bring it back” and “holly it’s freakin hot out”. Going on to the second and last lap I picked up pace a little unsure if I could even hold it and dropped the girl I was running with. Grabbing water bottles whenever I could and focusing on the little rhythm I had, I managed to hold my position until the end. Patrick said to me about 300m away from the finish “pick up the turnover, drive with the legs” and normally I can actually do that for the finish, this race not so much.

I am extremely happy with this race! Not only with the end result but everything in between. I set my transitions up great, worked the bike when I needed to and really got the most out of it possible. A little confidence boost, a little mindset change, a perfect set up for PATCO and a great/ fun way to start off the season.
It really is amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it.

The Canadian Juniors were really impressive with Christine Ridenour taking the bronze medal for the ladies and Brook Powell securing the Canadian men a spot for the Youth Olympics! Congrats to everyone. I know we all worked are butts off out there!

Swim start

Swim exit

Now looking forward to the team relays tomorrow! Canada will do very well based on the results yesterday! I predict great teamwork and success! Also, World Cup race tomorrow for the Elites which will be an amazing experience to watch! GO CANADA!
-wear a helmet

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh Travelling

So travelling to Monterrey Mexico for the YOG qualifying race is fairly good with a few minor bumps. Took the ferry over to Vancouver last night and got in a great meal and a decent sleep. Up at 5:30am and off to Vancouver International. Even with the 100% search in customs (brook and I got to go through the crazy machine that x-rays you!) we had time for coffee (important*!) and brekky before our first flight that was 4 hours. I was falling in and out of sleep for almost half the flight and between eating and reading for the other half time seemed to “fly” by. In Dallas we had about 2 hours which was just enough time to stretch our legs, get another coffee and more food. The clerk of one the of tourist stores we were wondering in was so chatty and asked why we were going to Mexico. I said “for a triathlon race” he replied “oh my friend is doing Boston this year”. I haven’t been in this sport that long and I can count more than a few times when I have said “triathlon” and whoever I am talking to thinks “marathon”. He he...anyways then off on flight #2 (last one) that was only supposed to be 1.5hrs. Before I know it we start to make our descent, I see the runway and then all of a sudden it’s like we are taking off again and before I know it we’re in the clouds. About 10min later I think “oh there’s the runway again”....we are slowing down and the wheels are out to land and again the plane picks up speed and heads back up to nothingness. Now I started thinking that things were a little weird. Soon enough, about 20min after we were originally supposed to land the captain comes on the loud speaker saying “it was raining too hard to land we couldn’t see properly for it to be safe”. So we go to a close town somewhere in Texas and are waiting until the weather improves in Monterrey in hopes of making a safe landing there sometime tonight. Two things I am thinking: #1- I hope we eventually get to our destination, preferably tonight and #2- I wonder if it will be raining that hard this whole week, including race day?

This part of my blog post is coming to you from the tarmac somewhere in Texas.

Day#1 in Monterrey

Woke up and went grocery shopping, which is always interesting in Mexico. Then we went for a run in the park near our hotel. Although there is no sun to be seen the humidity makes you sweat pretty quickly. Soon after we had lunch a headed to a pool near our hotel. When I say pool I mean water that you can’t see through in a large basin. It was actually really good open water practise because there were no lane ropes! After that we had a team dinner at Chili’s and early bed!!

Day#2 in Monterrey

Did a morning ride on the course after brekky. It was pouring rain so that, plus race wheels , plus sharp corners isn’t a good combo but everyone managed to stay up! I found it funny that riding being soaking wet and dirty is much more enjoyable when you’re warm. Haha just taking a quick break and off the the “pool” for a swim, most likely in the rain. That’s it for now
-wear a helmet

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting Pumped Up- Use Your Teammates!

So having watched the Mooloolaba races (watching the twitter update my screen with splits every 10 seconds) I got a rush that ran throughout my body. I know the race didn’t go as perfectly planned as Kirsten had hoped but she clearly gave it her all and I was extremely jealous that she was out killin it while i was sitting on the couch... at home...looking at my computer screen every 10 seconds. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was racing but in fact, it was 6 months ago! That’s half a year! That’s too long! I cannot wait to get on the start line, run into the ocean and just go; just do the best I can.

Now to the “use your teammates!” part of my post title. Today I watched the group do a 5km TT. It was Sunday, early, rainy, cold and the sun was nonexistent. Everybody came and was in high spirits. Cheering them on and being at the end was so motivating. Everyone crossed out of breath and red in the face which also got me pumped up to race and to just simply “do work”. The morning finished with great group brekky at Matticks.

What I’m getting at is:
all the hard work and effort that my teammates and I are doing creates an atmosphere of excitement. Hopefully I’m not the only one who is “using” the group to set up for race season.
-So thank you Kirsten and all you 5km TT-ers

wear a helmet

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well my first triathlon camp started off a little rocky...somehow Jeff and I were automatically put on stand-by for our final flight to Tucson. It was getting late and the chances of being on the next flight were slim-to-none so we took the hotel offer and had a great meal and watched the opening ceremonies. Go Canada!! Other than that little bump things have been going great. The training is hard and consistent! The sun is always beautiful and hot. The teammates are happy and fatigued! All in all I couldn’t ask for a better camp. Most of the group did Mt. Lemon today with some of them doing a total of 5 hours of riding! We’re about half way through with more great training to come.

Check out the NTC blog and see the dance competition that happened last night(Girls vs. Boys)

*practicing for this dance was our 3rd workout of yesterday

Wear a Helmet

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Many Thanks

This blog is just a shout-out to Giro/OGC!
They have started to support me for this upcoming season with some sweets products! I have been lucky enough to have received some very pretty pairs of sunglasses and helmets are on their way. I think this is going to be a strong partnership and I am proud to help represent this great company!

-P.S I am just about to head into exam week- hence the reason my blog has not been updated in awhile. Bio 12 tomorrow, Math 12 on Tuesday and then I’m free! Not really that's just high school :)

-wear a Giro helmet

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

"You're Full Of Prunes"

This blog update is dedicated to my grandfather who passed away last night in White Rock hospital.

He left this world just as feisty as when he entered it, telling the nurses “he was fine to go home”. One nurse actually said that he was the most convincing patient she had ever seen and was amazed by his strong will considering the stage he was at.

Published in the Globe:
HOOPER, Chester M. - at White Rock, BC, Jan. 1, 2010; in his 89th year; formerly President of HLRA of BC; Vice[President of Seaway Multi-Corp and a long time employee of Abitibi Power & Paper Company; predeceased by son Douglas; survived his wife Jean; son Paul of Victoria B.C.; daughter-in-law Marianne (Etchell) and granddaughters Alison and Erica; a graduate of Queen's and Harvard Universities a lifetime member of the Human Resources Institute of Washington, DC; a member of the Harvard Clubs of Toronto and Vancouver; an active aircraft owner and pilot for many years; founder and first President of the Mooney Aircraft Club of Canada; a pioneer member of COPA and CAHS (Toronto Chapter); interred at the family sector of the West Korah Cemetary Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario this X day of X. In lieu of flowers, a donation to a charity of your choice would be appreciated.

I will always remember:

-Every year under the Christmas tree there would be the exact same shaped present from him to me; A bag of the Christmas coloured M&M’s

-That he was so happy I was starting to get interested in Law that he said if I applied and got accepted to Harvard (the university that he went to) that he would pay for my tuition. I was actually going to make a fake acceptance letter just to scare him.

-His relationship with the video camera. This Christmas he was in bed, which was probably the first time ever having a meal at their house and not being filmed. It used to drive me crazy: every Christmas, Birthday even just dinners either in restaurants or at home the camera would be up on its stand in the corner filming every move and then he would reply it all back to us later that night. I’m now grateful for those videos because I can go back and remember some good times with him that have long been forgotten.

-The staples of his diet- Grape Soda, Doritos, and Sour Patch Kids

-Whenever I told him about something exciting I had just done he would always say “you’re full of prunes”. He said that to me probably ever since I could talk maybe even before that.

-The fact that his grey hair was always perfectly combed and tidy.

-He would make these jokes about anything surrounding him and they were so bad you couldn’t not laugh.

-The tone in which he called me “Sweetie”.
December 7th 1920 -January 1st 2010

*You will be missed

Love Ali