Wednesday, June 29, 2011

St. Malo

So like I said in my last post "the season has officially begun"...but off to somewhat of a rough start for me. This past weekend I competed in the first junior series race in St. Malo, Manitoba. While the weather was nice, the course was straight forward and the coach support was body just wasn't 100%. It all started with a little sore throat that I thought was due to sleeping with the AC on in the hotel room. Anyways I was feeling pretty normal leading up to a race with rest (a little sluggish and tired)...I guess I just thought not racing was never an option so when I woke up in sweat and the chills on race morning I just looked past it (my mom tells me after that I probably had a fever- I should know things like that!). I am sure glad I didnt because I think thats what got me through the race. The weirdest part of racing while I was sick was being on the start line and not being nervous. I guess I just wanted to get it over with in a little pain as possible...which im sure is how some people race hahaha but not me! The swim was pretty good. Had the 2nd spot starting position and actually didn't touch one person the whole time! I also didn't exit the water with my teammates who I have been able to draft off of in workout (came out 4th about 20sec behind). Which lead me to be in 2nd pack...which was a first. Working with 2 girls we got caught by another 3 and really worked together and just about caught the two leaders by the time we got to T2. The best part of the race was the bike...I felt strong and in control. My transitions weren't too bad either and I thought my overall tactics for racing went almost perfectly. Then there was the run....I didn't know a 5km could feel sooooo long. I was having a hard time just even staying in the game mentally not to mention my body was failing me (not in the intense way Kyla's body was failing her though!) at half way all I was focusing on was my turnover. Finished in 4th position behind some speedy gals. Congrats to future teammate Ellen who won her first series race and Christine for pulling out a strong 2nd place. I am happy to report that there is nothing more I could have done in the no regrets... Except for maybe actually racing because since then I have been in bed all day everyday watching episodes of Desperate Housewives trying to fight whatever virus has taken over my body. I am so sick and tired that I don't even have the energy to think about training, or stressing about upcoming races. I don't get sick often...I think its been about 2 years. But when I get sick... get really sick! So everyone please send healthy thoughts my way and hopefully my next post will be more positive!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today is the first day of summer...well not until 1:16pm this afternoon. The longest day and the shortest night. I am happy to report that its been looking and feeling a lot like summer for the past 3 weeks here in Vic. I can't remember when I stopped putting on arm and knee warmers but it was awhile ago. We have also done a couple of lake swims in Thetis (where some of the boys have actually taken their wetsuit off half way through the set!)... and we did mini tri's in Durrance Lake last weekend (which wasn't SO warm).

When I think of summer I think of sunny days filled with hard workouts and frozen treats....however summer also makes me think of racing. Yes the time has come...juniors we are officially in race season! woohoo!! This last block of training has been great but the U23's and Elites have be coming and going and heading off the races...and I have been really jealous. While I love training I was finding it hard to stay motivated and my body just wants a slight taper and a good race as a reward for all the hard work I've put in. Perfect timing I think because the 1st Junior Series race kicks off in St Malo, Manitoba this Sunday. I am excited to just get out there, work hard and have fun....its been a long time since I've been excited about a race!!

Thats if for now....race report in the next post :)