Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catch Up Time

Well it’s been way way way too long since I’ve updated this...oops
Anyways here is a point form version of my life in the last umm almost month! (In order of past to present)

-watched the Sooke Tri with my dad and Barb competing in their first ever triathlon...Barb had a faster T1 than some of the girls I raced at worlds (seriously!)...and I was a really proud daughter when I saw how my dad’s swimming improved with just a couple of weeks with a masters group. It just a little crazy to think that time last year was my first triathlon

-One Tuesday bike workout we started off with drills. This time the drill was taking off your front tire, putting it back on, riding a small loop then taking off your back tire, putting it back on and riding another small loop. It was a race and I was on a team with Jeff who had gotten us a nice lead...anyways long story short I let the competitiveness get the best of me and didn’t really tighten my back tire as much as I should have =equalling me to a crash on a hill when I attempted to get out of the saddle

-First road rash ever, which I don’t even call road rash now having seen the PATCO boys battle wounds (that will be explained in the following points)

-had a great week leading into our departure for Ixtapa, Mexico for PATCO

-Ixtapa...never really swam in big ocean waves and was a little sketch about them...but worked hard and learned the techniques

-Race Day...couldn’t have felt better...race got changed to a Duathlon because the waves were “too big”. So it went 2km run, 20km bike, 5km run...Here is the race report:

2km run- was positioned right at the front on the start line. In the first couple of meters I let a couple of “sprinters” go by but stayed with close contact to the front...on the downhill I think I was a little worried about losing the group so I really worked it and actually moved a little closer to the front and that where the front pack was made. It was a pretty fast pace but all I was focusing on was staying with the lead girls. Sprinted a little into the shoot going into transition to get in there top 5 and had a very good T1. Running with my bike for so long I think it was made my mount not the best but I still was in the middle of the pack of 8. For the first 3km I just hung on the back, got my shoes in and waited for people to get organized. The hills made the bike way harder but I tried to stay sitting the whole time. I felt like I was pulling hard and the Canadians were working pretty well together. I made sure I was 2nd going into the 180 corner and then really had to work hard on the way hill I was breathing so hard I almost got dropped. T2 I put myself in second position and held it going to the dismount line, I just happened to run way past my basket and had to pick up my bike and run back with it. I probably lost about 20 seconds and was last out of T2 from the front pack. Going onto the run I was very cautious and looking back that is that only thing I would have done differently. Maybe gone a little faster and got into a nice rhythm earlier. I was just afraid of the heat and bonking. The first lap (2.5) was really hard. The second lap I wanted to pick it up like I normally do but I don’t think I actually did even though I tried. Last 500m was survival and hardly a sprint. 7th for where my running is in a duathlon...I can’t really complain.

-Arrived home in rainy Victoria and spent the day moving my bed and stuff into the new place (matt did most of the work)-pictures eventually

-got a little stomach bug from Mexico but got in a good couple of training sessions

-now back to “school” and starting a different lifestyle (so far so good)

A few pictures of Ixtapa courtesy from Nancy Drad’s picasa web album:


Junior Womens Start

End of the first 2km

Congrats I.Don! (pain face)

My finish

Sunday, May 2, 2010


All I can say is I hope I grow up to be like them...and it's never too late to be adventurous

My grandparents, who are in their 80’s rode an elephant in Thailand this past month. Truly amazing. Just goes to show that you should never close any doors or make age a barrier.

-Very impressive!

Wear a helmet