Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Links that interested me

#1 (Click on country and then notice that TriathlonCode's tallest member is on the start list! First elite race for Matt...Jeff from Victoria is also racing)

#2 I first saw this when it was tweeted by Simon...so I'm giving him the credit. Thought it was pretty cool to see how other athletes train and their perspective on our great sport.

#3 My newest cookbook. I discovered this blog about 2 weeks ago and love her recipes...plus she's from Vancouver :)

#4 Some would say this is the most important or exciting... Game 1 tonight... "bring it home!"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well I've been home for a week now...time is really starting to go by fast. I did a long ride this afternoon that involved some observatory hill repeats and if I'm remembering correctly the last time I was riding on the observatory was a month ago! A whole month! Basically ever since school stopped time just ticks away without me in realizing. The training camp in Arizona that was 2.5 weeks long and felt so short. Im heading into my first race of the season this weekend in Vancouver. The famous North Shore World Championships. Its in North Vancouver and we swim in a 37meter pool which feels really weird because you think you need to do a flip turn but still have another 8 meters to go...then we ride up one side of the street and back along the other side a couple of times and off on the run. Oh and I forgot to mention that you need to have a flawless T1 because basically at the mount line is a super steep (but short) hill. The run is the best part because its on a chip trail forest thingy and half on cement through residential areas so you feel like your running all over the place and can't see whoever is in front of you. I did this race two years ago and it was my second ever triathlon. It is drafting...however males and females go at the same time so I have a feeling it will just end up being a solo effort. No resting for this race but it will be good to go through the proper motions of transitions and get the feeling of doing all three sports back to back. Again with the time...I can remember doing this race pretty vividly and that was two years ago! Before I know it we'll be in full-on race season and then I will be back at school for the fall! AHHH....gotta make the most of the time you have people.

Happy Training