Friday, August 20, 2010


Probably the most beautiful city I have seen in my life so far...

We arrived yesterday afternoon and after the race meeting I went on a run. I finished down along the water where the race start is and at the very end point of the path you look out to a huge lake with a grass covered hill with cute Swiss houses on one side and great big, snow-covered mountains on the other- it literally took my breath away!

Anyways today (friday) got in some nice pre-race training with my new training partners?!

-Went over the bike course while riding behind Kate Roberts and Brad Kahlefeldt
-"Swam" the course basically beside Emma Moffat
-Did strides in the park at the same time as Baby Brownlee (I was there first FYI)
haha I am actually not kidding about that! But seriously this experience going to a be a great one. The situation is going to give me a perspective of what the elite level race is really like but I also get to do the distance that I train and know...what could be better?

The swim course is pretty basic with one big loop (750m but it feels longer) and just two bouys. Yesterday at the race meeting they said it was no wetsuit but I wore mine today and it still seems cold so it will be up in the air until tomorrow morning. The bike course is four loops of 5 km with about an 800m climb at about 11% (thats something that is going to be new for me- an actual hill!). And the run course is 2 loops of 2.5 km.

It seems like I haven't raced in forever and I am just ready to get out on my 53rd starting spot and just "giv'er"

I know back in Canada it will be early early in the morning (3:15am) when I start and 1:15am when the boys start but you can watch live or replay on will try and get some camera time;). However none of the Canadian Juniors should be getting up that early because its race day for them too= Nationals in Kelwona. Good luck everyone, I will be cheering from Lausanne.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So I left Victoria on Friday the 13th ( no nothing bad really happened luckily) and made the 18 hour trip (+layovers) to Geneva where Craig was waiting to pick me up... the train to Aix les Bains wasn't for about 2 hours so we walked around, checked out the race venue for the boys and had lunch at a very cute cafe. All I have to say about the jet lag is that coffee is mandatory! I think the day I arrived I probably have 4 cups. Taking a training into France was amazing- everything is so green and it runs along the side of a mountain with water on the opposite side.

Things have been going really well. The hotel we are staying at is run by a couple who are just amazing and go out of their way to make sure we are happy. The food as you've read on all the boys blogs and facebook updates is amazing! The training facilities are pretty good with an outdoor 50m pool and great riding- have yet to find the perfect running area.

In between training I have mostly been resting and trying not to fall asleep in order to adjust to the time change which equals me lying on my bed focusing on trying keeping my eyes open. Today has been the best day by far in terms of adjustment...I actually had enough energy to venture into the main street by bus and do a little shopping. I could spend days and days in the clothes stores here they're so different from Canada.

I have never been to Europe before and always had certain images in mind- the only thing I was really accurate about is the buildings that are old and so beautiful. A couple of times since I've been here I stop and think "woah I really am running along a lake in France" or when Yorke and I did a short ride yesterday we climbed to the top of the mountain and could look over the whole lake and all the little towns, I thought "this is so amazing". While the experience has been incredible I have to remember the main reason I travelled all this way- to race. We are sadly leaving Aix tomorrow to head to Lausanne which Im sure will be beautiful. The pre-race meeting is tomorrow night and its go time Saturday with Sprint Worlds and then the Team Relay on Sunday. My individual race on Saturday has a somewhat "stacked" start list which will be a great eye-opener and a major challenge that Im up for. The relay team is going to be AMac, Moi, Lauren and Jeff on the Sunday. Lauren is driving down to race and support Canada by being our 4th teammate, which will be great and I am really looking forward to seeing her and catching up.

Well thats all for now- my laptop decided to stop working on me yesterday right when I was uploading pictures which is the reason I haven't blogged lately or added photos. Thanks to JP for lending me his laptop :)

I miss the group in Vic and hope everyone safe travels to Kelowna tomorrow!!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quick Update

So the flights have been booked and I’m heading to Geneva this Friday the 13th (coincidence?). It will take me 18 hours total from Victoria to Geneva via Toronto and Montreal. I have managed to bounce back perfectly from the flu bug that I had and have got a few sessions of good training in. I am super excited for this trip even though it is 1/3 the length it was supposed to be. When I arrive Craig is so kindly picking me up and we will head to a hotel for the night because the boys race the continental cup the next is great that I will be able to watch them race. Then off to Aix Les Bains which quoted from Andrew Yorke on facebook is “where heaven and earth collide”...which sounds promising. Staying there for a couple of days and then to Lausanne where I will race sprint worlds and then the team relay. I will keep my blog updated as much as possible and with pictures hopefully!! I am little sad that I will be missing nationals this year in Kelowna and not being able to attempt defending my title but there is give and take in this sport and I wish everyone luck! Also a special good luck to Christine and Brook who are in Singapore for YOG!

- Next post will be from Europe!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Not exactly the Europe trip I had planned or packed for but...

So I was supposed to leave Victoria on an 11 am flight today to Tiszaujvaros, Hungary where this weekend I was going to kick off a 3-week "racing camp". The plan was to do a sprint in Hungary (it was weird- 2.5km run, 10km bike, 750m swim, 10km bike and 2.5km run... 4 transitions!) Then head to our base in Aix Les Bains, France where we would recover and get some training done in between races. There is a race Aug 15th in Geneva, Switzerland that I wasn't planning on doing but the boys (AMac, JP and Andrew Yorke) will race the continental cup. Then back to France for a little bit before heading off to Lausanne, Switzerland for Sprint Worlds and the Team Relay. Anyways about 3 days ago I came down with typical flu symptoms- the fever, hot/cold flashes and totally no energy or appetite. Together; Dr. Keller, Patrick and myself decided it would be best to stay home for the time being... I will hopefully make a great recovery and join the crew before Lausanne and compete there. I was in a way extremely disappointed but at the same time I would not want to be half way across the world, sick with no doctor and not being able to race. In the big picture this is not a big deal...I went on a short walk today because there was no chance of attempting to run and I was thinking "ya I am sick and didn't get to go to Europe today but at the same time, hands down the best training partner I have ever had can't even lift her right arm over her head and is done for the season". Now that puts things in perspective! I will still be able to train and race in the near near future.

I wish the best luck to Craig, Greg and the boys in Hungary! I am sure you'll make Canada proud and hopefully I will be joining you guys shortly.

*Most importantly
Kyla Coates- You are an amazing athlete, had a bit of bad luck but will come out of this stronger than you already are and I am so proud for the way you are handling everything. This is a small bump in the road to your success, everyone knows your a star. love you<3.