Thursday, December 27, 2012

Murphy’s Law- It’s been a long time since my last post. The main reason for the lack of updates is because I didn’t really have anything worth sharing. My last post was a couple weeks after I returned home from Mooloolaba, Australia where I had the one race all season that I was actually happy with. Heading into my first year as a U23 I took the second semester off school because I knew to get myself ready for Olympic distance racing I needed to get some more training under my belt. With it being the Olympic year there were also training opportunities that I couldn’t pass up. I trained harder and longer than I ever have…and coincidentally I was the most consistent I have ever been. A sore heel and some food poisoning had me miss out on only about 2 weeks of training all year. Based on how things were going I thought I was going to have a fantastic year… I couldn’t have been more wrong. Looking back I have decided to call my 2012 racing season my Murphy’s Law year- “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. While preparation is the key to success in triathlon, the role of luck is not insignificant. I have had my fair share of luck to be sure, but not this year. (Not to say that my performance this year can all be attributed to lack of luck). I got heat stroke in Dallas and had to get pulled off the course within two kilometres of the finish. Two weeks later at my first World Cup I got the first flat tire of my racing career. In the races in between something little always ended up hindering my performance. By the time I got to Kelowna in August I was not feeling my usual excitement to race. After that race I took a week off and made the decision to keep training hard and racing hard. A whole new wave of confidence hit me and I went on to have a month of fantastic training. I was fortunate enough to be included as a member of the Canadian team for the World Championship Grand Final. But, to finish my season off in Auckland being so fit and so excited to race and then cramping on the bike and getting dropped from front pack was more than disappointing.
After Worlds, I ran for UVic at the national cross country championships in London, Ontario. Minus a fall at the start (Murphy’s Law strikes again?) cross country is always fun and my teammates are so awesome! After this race I discovered I had a stress fracture in my foot and have spent that past six weeks healing up.
In elite sport there are always hurdles and by overcoming them you grow, get stronger and look at changes that need to be made. While I accomplished only a few of my many goals for the 2012 season, the experience I gained will help me get to the next level in my career. Reflection time is over. You live and you learn. Its time to move on. Got through the semester of school and finished exams on the 20th with just enough time to get into the Christmas spirit. Have had a few days relaxing with the family but its time to get back to work. Here’s to a new year and new possibilities… Thanks to: Nineteen Wetsuits...I truly believe they are the best and will be working with them in 2013
-Saucony...goes above and beyond providing all my running shoes and attire! -Oak Bay Bikes for keeping my bike in working condition (New Years Resolution is to take better care of my bike :)) HUGE thanks to coaches Patrick and Carolyn who put up with me EVERY day.
And none of this would be worth it without my darling training partners! I know I can rely on each and every one of you...xo
And last but not least the fam...could not do this without your support (emotionally and finically)