Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Life has been treating me pretty well these last couple of weeks! I wrapped up classes 2 weeks ago and then wrote my last exam on April 7th....So I have been completely done school for almost two weeks now which is really really nice. Just when I thought that I could spend all my time focusing on training random life started to happen. First I made the stupid decision to move into my new apartment over a regeneration block... what I learned from this decision is that regeneration blocks should be strictly focused on regenerating, relaxing and SLEEP! I did the opposite...spent my days rushing around packing and moving and basically stressing! It was all over last weekend and I thought I could settle into a great training-focused routine....little did I know that my horrible job of recovering would come to bite me in the butt Tuesday. I had a pretty good swim in the a.m but it seemed to take a lot more out of me that normal. Went home and probably didn't do proper recovery things. Then on the way to the run in the afternoon a wave of tiredness hit me...I didn't really think much of it until 10min into the warmup when my heart rate was 175 and I was getting dropped!! Followed by a total meltdown (including tears) for no reason besides that fact that I was so unknowingly tired! I decided to do half the workout with some mile repeats around Beacon Hill....heart rate at 180 and way behind the gals that I normally run with...and I was working SO hard! Decided to call it quits for the day/body totally stopped functioning! Just on the safe side I had steak that night to get in a lil extra iron (hahaha). The following two days I had to take it really easy (it was basically the regeneration block that I failed to take last week). Back to hard on Friday morning I did the fast 100m from a push all year (but I guess I was pretty rested)...and managed to get a little out of the track workout in the afternoon. Moral to my story is that regeneration blocks are VERY important and although it seems like a time to catch up on stuff that you can't do during hard training days its more important to get the recovery your body needs...or maybe im weird and my body needs a lot of extra recovery.

Just realized that this post is a lot like Alex and Kylas hahahah...maybe its a blogging theme for April.

P.S I have decided to avoid this every happening to me again I want to try and spend 1hr in bed every day between workouts...doesn't matter what I'm doing as long as im in bed and attempting to relax (I was in bed while writing this blog post).

P.P.S I will try and get pictures of my apartment up in the next post

Happy training...and recovering!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Noa Deutsch

For anyone who doesn't know Noa should really get to know her. She is a great sports nutritionist, as well as a coach, exercise physiologist and biomechanist (I believe we can also call her a teacher:)

She has recently launched a new website called ‘Fueling Endurance Performance’ that is the start to her book that is in the works to be released on Oct 29th, 2011 (I want to pre-order mine!)In her book the dots are going to be connected between sports nutrition, training and what foods will help athletes succeed. Not only is she going to give details on what athletes should be eating but she is also going to have yummy recipes (I know they're yummy because I have tried them). She has a great flare in the kitchen and its amazing what she can do with such random foods. She always inspires me when I'm sick of cooking!

"This book is one of the world’s first practical sports nutrition cookbook. It takes those two kinds of books and combines them into one, with a simple goal in mind: To provide healthy recipes, along side practical & easy to follow sports nutrition guidelines, based on the latest research and practice."

P.S if you need bike fits she's the one to go to for that as well:)