Sunday, October 25, 2009

Main road near our hotel.
Somewhere in this picture is the "Espresso Cafe" -soy latte bought by the bestest boy in the world. Sitting and enjoying the 1 hour we had before workout #2 in a sunroom with the cowichan locals is a great way to start any day.

Cow Bay "Training Camp"

So the group went up to Cowichan Bay for a 2 day training/ team bonding camp this weekend. Luckily the rain held out and we managed to get some good training in! A group run and hard swim yesterday morning with the season’s first “eye opener” set of sort rest 100’s....let’s just say my eyes have officially been opened! We also watched the hometown Cowichan Junior B Capitals play a very exciting? hockey game against Penticton...I think Austin was into it enough to compensate for the half of the group that wasn’t paying attention. And for our last night in C-Town Christine was brave enough to have the 15+ group over to her house for a great dinner...would’ve been better if someone had remembered the hamburger buns! oops! Including 3 amazing desserts all with fresh fruit from her backyard! 2 board games! ( who was the operation champ?) and a lot of laughing!
I believe fun was had by all!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Real First Post!

Some team-mates have been helping me set up this blog, so apologies for the previous post! I was at Kyla's because Gaby and I were making Pad Thai for a few people. I left my account unattended and my HILARIOUS friends opted to make my first post a memorable one.

And for anyone who is wondering "why the hell does this [chick] have a blog, here is my resume..."

- Completed my first triathlon!!!

- Crash Queen of NTC

- Record holder: Most consecutive days without helping with the lane ropes.

- Pacific Coast Swimming 10 and under 50m Breast-stroke record holder (short course)

- 2009 Junior National Champion

- Canada Games Champion (individual and relay)

- 6th place at Junior World Championships.

haha seriously though with this blog I hope to keep friends, family and potential sponsors up to date with what's happening in my life.

Before I go I need your input! What should my signature parting line be?
These are my options:
1. Stay Cool
2. Wear a helmet
3. Stay Cool, Wear a helmet
4. Be True
5. Stay the course!


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