Friday, December 31, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Its beginning to [feel] a lot like Christmas...

About two weeks ago it was beginning to "look" a lot like Christmas with the random snow fall that Victoria experienced...however now everything is perma-soaked with the ongoing rainfall and things have actually stated to warm up (which is a positive for training hehe). See in Victoria we get the luxury of training outside basically all year round...however that means many many many wet muddy rides and I actually was running through massive puddles all over elk lake yesterday with the girls. Training has been going excellent, I actually had the "most enjoyable cross ride of the year" on Saturday.... enjoyable but still wouldn't describe as fun. The girls and the boys split up and Patrick took the girls down some trails where "we" could actually stay on our bikes and get some speed..(when I say "we" I actually mean "me" because hmmm how do you say it? I am the one lacking the most skill and bravery when tackling single-track trails with my couple sizes too big cross bike) Some of the girls are amazing at cross riding and well I'm working on it and I promised Patrick I wouldn't complain too too much:) P.S it was a good ride and I still came home with a huge bruise on my left shin and a cut on my ankle.

Christmas...I am starting to get in the spirit
-decorated Matts tree last night...while listening to the new Glee Christmas album
-had an eggnog latte
-finished exams so I am truly on holiday
-going over to a friends today to make sugar cookies!

ta ta