Monday, March 28, 2011

Ya for Canada!

Watching the women's race on Saturday in Mooloolaba, Aus just got me so pumped up to race but more importantly made me very proud to be Canadian. Holy!! I cannot believe how well everyone did (especially with the somewhat poor conditions that I heard about). With such an early race and basically everyone making a comeback from one thing or another I think Kyla, Alex, Lauren, Kathy and Paula really showed some amazing talent. Everyone single one of them really inspired me in one way or another. It was pretty funny because watching the twitter feed on every other tweet was about the Canadian Ladies...just shows that Canada is a force to be reckoned with :)
-P.S KiKi I hope you recover well and will watch you crush it in Sydney!

On other notes I, still being junior, don't really get to race for awhile.... I am doing a small race in the end of May but nothing really till June! Finishing up last week of classes and then on to finals! Woohoo and I really lucked out because all my exams are in the first week and I actually finish all school-related anythings on April 7th (SO SOON!)

Nothing else too exciting happening here. Getting in some good training (although I am missing some of my training partners :( is returning home now which will be nice). Still feeling a little like i'm taking two steps forward and one step back but at least moving in the right direction! And once school is over I am going to move into my new apartment which is really every exciting and I will post pictures of it later.


Friday, March 11, 2011


First shipment of lovely shoes...great to have the support!

My light-weight trainers that look extra boss in black :)

My new race flats!!

Getting excited for race season!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Race Day

USA Triathlon is in its third year of the build up to the 2012 London Olympic Games.

The 2011 draft-legal races will give triathlon fans a chance to see athletes who are looking to qualify for the 2012 Games. These races will include U.S. and international competitors, some who have competed in past Olympic Games and others who are beginning to make names for themselves on the international triathlon circuit. (

From my understanding its almost like a mini WCS circuit within the U.S. First up is today in Clermont Florida called the Draft Legal Challenge...see here for more info This will be the first time Matt will be on the start line with elite men. Lucky for him he's got a beach start, strong swim and still a sprint distance on his side. GO MATT! Also racing elite are Jeff, Aaron, Cole and AP!!! And for the junior Marc, Brook and Connor!!! From what I've heard about how everyone has been training down in Clermont 2 weeks prior I am expecting some pretty amazing results! GO NTC BOYS!

Also today there will be the elite women's field as well as the 2011 ITU/PATCO North American Junior Championships, Age Group Draft Legal Sprint Race and Age Group Non-Drafting Sprint Race.

Crazy and exciting to think the race season is around the corner....or tomorrow! I will be doing my second race of the year (running road race, not triathlon) tomorrow in Sydney for the Bazan Bay 5km. Im pretty excited because I hear its a fast course and the first year I was sick and last year injured so finally Im able to do it!!