Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Best Day of Summer

Well there has been a lack on updating on my part...sorry anyone who reads this :(. I have been very busy this last month with 3 races and on the only weekend free I was sick. The three races I just did was a big chunk of my season and everything just went so quickly. Things didn't turn out exactly how I wanted but I sure learned a lot and am growing as an athlete. Having some training partners away in France and coming back from basically a month of tapering has made this past week pretty hard mentally and physically. However the main reason for this post is to tell everyone about the best solo ride of my life! Cycling is for sure my weakness of the three sports and I also strong dislike training on my own. However this past Sunday was probably the nicest, warmest and most beautiful day of summer so far (it also happened to be Matt's 20th Birthday).

Anyways, I decided to ride from the pool out to my parents house in Metchosin and would stay the night and have my mom drive me home in the morning. I decided on a loop that would take me about 2 hours. Everything just felt good from the beginning. I actually had energy around 2pm on a Sunday which is unusual and the temperature was a perfect 25 degrees. When I got on my bike my legs just wanted to spin and off I went. There were hardly any cars so it was just me and the road. 120 minutes went by in a flash and I totally would've kept riding if a homemade bbq salmon dinner hadn't been waiting for me :). Perfect training sessions like this make up for unfortunate events that happen in races or sometimes disappointing trainign sessions...and it reminds me that being happy and feeling great is the most important thing :)

Finishing this next block off with my first olympic distance (non-drafting) in Sooke where the ladies get chased down by the men! And then on to Kelowna :)


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