Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2012 thus far

I really have been meaning to do a post for a long time...I guess in the fall I didn't want to post boring life updates that nobody wants to hear about or cares about for that matter. But I do admit that I have had lots of exciting post-able things happening in my life since the new year started. It was this past Saturday when I was doing my pre-race run that I ran into Mr. Nelson (the best cross country coach and man who got me through math 12). I have ran into him twice in the last couple of months and update him on whats been going on and vice versa (he became a dad about 4 months ago:) ). I know he is one of my blog readers who supports, is interested and excited about my triathlon career....what I am trying to say is running in to him gave me that little push to finally update this thing!!

So the fall consisted of going to school and doing minimal training....oh I got my wisdom teeth out (one of the worst experiences of my life) and hmmm what else oh I went to visit one of my best friends down Fresno, California which was really fun.

Okay now on to 2012

Started off the New Year by heading to a 5 week training camp in Maui (that actually turned into a 6+ week camp). This was my second triathlon training camp and it was by far the best. The riding was especially amazing! Being able to escape the rainy weather of Victoria and really get a some consistent, solid training in the heat was just what I needed to start off my first year U23. Given the extra opportunities Olympic year had to offer I decided to forgo university for this semester and take advantage. I really got a step up in fitness while I was there. It was a great group of girls and we all worked really well together.

We headed back to Victoria on Feb 11th and have been training consistently ever since. Adjusting to the colder weather and atmosphere where you have to be a little more responsible (like having to drive hahaha) took a little while to get used to but its good to be home.

This past week I did both a 800m free TT and raced the Bazan Bay 5km to get both my World Cup time standards....it was a good indication of where my fitness level is and I'm happy to just get those standards over with :)

Up next I head to Australia for another training camp/race. I will be starting off my season on March 25th at the Mooloolaba Continental Oceania Cup. Super excited to be heading to the heat again and can't wait to race!

Updates to follow...promise

P.S Check out Mrs. Pennocks new blog....good for a laugh and she has some good pictures from Maui - www.ellenpennock.blogspot.com

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